A projection based exhibition exploring the ongoing rebirth and regeneration of Coventry.

During the Blitz much of Coventry was flattened and then rebuilt in a very different style, and in recent years a similar transformation is happening within our city, but for very different reasons. Coventry is changing and growing, becoming a University city, a City of Culture, a tourist destination and its City Centre is adapting to new trends in online shopping, and the ‘decline’ of the high street.

When these changes happened back in the 50s and 60s they weren’t always popular, and nearly 60 years on, people’s attitude towards alterations in the city haven’t changed all that much.

There seems to be a strong link between our sense of self and the city we grew up in. If that familiarity is lost, is our sense of home lost too? 


Project Coventry will bring together 12 local artists, some who have never worked with projection before, and pair them with experienced projection artists, to make new collaborative artworks that explore this theme.

This FREE exhibition aims to be as interactive as possible, with opportunities for its audience to become involved with the projections, wearing 3d glasses to view stereoscopic images of the city from the 1960s, seeing poems projected onto live performers, listening to music and soundscapes and becoming live projections themselves!


Following on from the gallery exhibition, a selection of the artworks will be toured around Coventry this autumn, taking projections to parks, libraries, shops and walkways where anyone can access them. 




Over the last few years John has been moving away from digital technologies to a full analogue, photographic process. For him this helps maintain a very real and tangible connection between the time and place a photo is captured to the final print.

Driven by his love for national and international travel he is inspired by the ever changing environments and how humans impact them and each other.


Helen's practice is interdisciplinary, working across moving image, installation, spoken word, music, social engagement and sculpture. It is an exploration of semiotics, hierarchies, inequality, dualities and identity. It is a constant enquiry of contemporary society and seeks to provoke, act, and open dialogue about perceived truths and normalised behaviours.

Project Coventry

Project Coventry